NHS Medical Negligence

We’d all like to believe that if we were admitted to hospital for an illness or injury, we’d receive only the very best care and treatment. This is, of course, true for over 96% of the population, who rely on the NHS for everything from check-ups to lifesaving heart surgery. Sadly, there are an increasing number of cases where patients haven’t received the appropriate level of care expected, or an omission made by a medical professional has led to the preventable advancement of a pre-existing infection or injury.

Have you suffered preventable illness or injury due to negligence? Clinical negligence claims can be made against NHS employees and institutions, so whether you suffered due to the incompetence of a doctor, nurse, surgeon or home carer, our trusted medical negligence solicitors can help you file a claim for injury compensation.

If you are considering filing a claim against an NHS employee or your local Primary Care Trust, it’s vital you seek expert legal advice from an accredited medical negligence solicitor. Our solicitors comprise some of the UK’s foremost experts in medical law, and with a demonstrable track record of success spanning over two decades, are a leading resource for advice on filing a no win no fee NHS medical negligence claim.

You may be able to claim compensation if your suffering was caused by:

  • Failure to refer you to a medical specialist within an acceptable time period.
  • Mistakes involving anaesthesia or pain management drugs.
  • Inaction or incompetence during a difficult labour.
  • Substandard treatment whilst in residential or rehabilitative care.
  • Errors during surgery, leading to preventable injury, disability or cosmetic scarring.
  • Failure to diagnose your condition, or wrongful diagnosis.
  • Hospital-borne infection, such as MRSA or C.difficile.
  • Infection caused by contamination (ie. surgical equipment).
  • Dental error, including mistakes involving anaesthesia and cosmetic procedures.

Claiming Against The NHS

Before deciding whether you want to take legal action against the party responsible for your injury or condition, it’s important to consider what you want to achieve. If you’re merely seeking an apology for the substandard treatment received, you may not wish to endure such a lengthy litigation process. Most NHS negligence claims are dealt with by the NHSLA (National Health Service Litigation Authority) – the body set up to resolve legal disputes on behalf of NHS practitioners and Primary Care Trusts. Claims against the NHSLA can be costly. In the unlikely event your claim isn’t successful, you could be liable for the opposition’s fees as well as your own. It’s therefore essential you check ‘After the Event’ insurance is offered as part of your no win no fee agreement, as this will usually cover any costs claimed for by the opposition.

A Unique Approach To Clinical Negligence Claims

We understand that for many clients, compensation is generally not their sole motivation for pursuing an NHS medical negligence claim. Our solicitors offer a completely personalised service, and will work hard to ensure your concerns are dealt with during the litigation process. Whether this means an apology, damages for ongoing medical treatment, or simply the assurance that the same thing won’t happen to someone else, we’ll fight for justice on your behalf, in addition to your compensation.

Whatever your reasons for pursuing a negligence claim, our solicitors are on-hand to offer the legal expertise and advice you need to help build a solid case. Complete our online form for a free claim evaluation, or call us on the free-phone number above to speak with one of our injury claims representatives.